Journo Salary Sharer

What is this?

Now on a scale from "hell no" to "oh sure," how do you feel about telling other people how much you make?

Not a chance Only if someone I trust asks Convince me Maybe with specific people I'm game, NBD
Fair enough. Would you mind sharing a link to this survey for research purposes, if nothing else? Makes sense. Could you consider asking someone else you trust to take this survey? Just to show you're thinking about this whole money discussion, and maybe after they get this same prompt, the two of you can have a conversation about salaries (even if you choose to not share your number). Once you know how much other people in your position make, you'll be better positioned to negotiate for that raise or new job. So be the one to show your cards first. It's very "if you show me yours, I'll show you mine" topic. Talking about your salary shows confidence and business savvy. Go be saavy, believe in you! Cool. Would you be willing to get the conversation started? Go ahead and email a few people about how valuable it is for everyone to know what other people in your industry make in similar jobs. Or if email's not your thing, maybe a text message or bring it up at a happy hour? I'd encourage you to let other people know that you're interested in chatting with people on the topic. Wonderful! Clearly, you're a smart mover-and-shaker. Could you tweet out your job title, salary, a link to this survey, and use #journosalary? That'll help get the converation going and maybe show others how helpful it can be to talk about this "money stuff."

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